Packing List for a Child Headed to Daycare

When you’re utilizing infant care services, it’s important to make sure you pack everything your child’s teachers will need for the day. However, giving your child’s teacher a weekly supply of everything will make your life a lot easier. Here are some things you should pack for your infant when they go to daycare:

Diapers & wipes- This one is kind of obvious considering how many diapers every infant goes through in a day. The best way to be ready for anything is to pack your child enough diapers to use 8 to 10 a day. This will theoretically give your infant’s teacher more than enough for the week. Your infant’s teacher will notify you if for any reason your child is getting low on diapers before the end of the week. 

In addition to the diapers, always pack one pack of wipes in the weekly bag and keep additional wipes in your child’s day bag. This will give the daycare center workers plenty of wipes for your baby. 

Diaper cream or ointment – Not every parent uses diaper cream with every change, but others do. Be sure to inform the daycare center workers if you’d like your baby to have ointment applied after every change. 

Pacifier and comfort toy – Not all babies have a pacifier or a stuffed animal they use for comfort, but others have both. It’s important to label these comfort items before dropping your child off at their daycare center, so that they can be returned to your child if lost. 

Bedding – Some daycare centers want your child to bring blankets and sheets, while others just want you to bring blankets. Ask your baby’s teacher what your baby will need and be sure to pack an extra set of bedding just in case your baby pees out of their diaper. 

All the extra outfits & bibs – Pack three separate outfits with socks for your baby so that if an accident occurs, they have a clean set of clothes to be changed into. Although your child won’t likely have three accidents in a day, it’s good to have a few extra outfits packed and sent with your child for the week. For the bibs, the easiest way to do it is to buy a set to have your child’s teacher keep at the daycare center. This will alleviate any stress of trying to keep bringing them back and forth between home and daycare. 

Medicine – All infant care services have rules about what medications can be sent with your child to daycare. Talk with your child’s teacher before sending medication. After the medicine is approved, put all medication and a thermometer in a bag and label it with your child’s name.