Everything is Included in Our Childcare Cost

We know that having little children is hard, so we try and make it easy for parents. We are also aware that budgets are important for growing families, especially since childcare costs are high. So at Milestones daycare, you don’t need to prepare your child’s meals, remember field trip money, or be surprised by extra expenses. Everything is included in our childcare cost.

Snack and Lunch included at Milestones Greensboro Daycare

Meals Every Day of the Week

Snacks & Lunch

Nutritious and delicious meals are prepared each day in our own cafeteria. With the wide variety of foods we serve, kids learn to explore new recipes you may prepare at home too, which helps them broaden their palate. We offer vegetarian and dairy-free meals as well. Our older Pre-K students enjoy their lunch in our cafeteria so they are prepared for the experience in elementary school.


Learning Experiences

We focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and math and use supplemental resources to expand on these areas. Whether it is a computer program or additional learning materials, it is all covered by the tuition.

Milestones Greensboro Daycare Learning Experiences
Milestones Field Trips and Activities


From field trips to in-school events and activities, your child will always participate unless you request otherwise.


Parent Engagement

Keeping you up to date is of utmost importance at every stage of development. With the ability to watch your child throughout the day on our Watch Me Grow video system, you see for yourself how your child’s day is unfolding.

We also provide newsletters and reports to parents that share what we are learning as well as giving progress updates on your child.

Milestones Greensboro Daycare Parent Engagement

To find out more about our all-inclusive tuition or for a tour, you can call us at 336-856-9990.