Encouraging Independence & Curiosity

Toddlers are constantly on the go, and we are there to keep up with them every step of the way. At Milestones, we focus on helping toddlers learn to do things on their own. Whether it is at the lunch table or learning about shapes, we foster a sense of independence and curiosity about their world.

Daycare for Toddlers at Milestones

Milestones Happen Every Day

Throughout your toddler’s development, there will be growth every day. We are tracking their changes in behavior and mobility. We do assessments and look for the following milestones as your child grows through our Toddler daycare program:

  • Self Feeding/Using a spoon
  • Drinking from a cup
  • Understands and begins to use oral language for conversation and communication
  • Shows interest in songs, rhymes and stories
  • Shows interest in colors, shapes, patterns and pictures
  • Demonstrates the ability to follow simple tasks
  • Beginning to learn rules, routines and directions
  • Beginning to play with others and learning to share and take turns
  • May begin to show interest in potty training
Childcare for Toddlers at Milestones

Preparing for the Future

Today’s toddlers are tomorrow’s leaders, and at Milestones, we prepare your child for their next steps in life. Our toddler childcare center provides parents with monthly and quarterly assessments of their educational and social development so you can rest assured they are on track for success.

To find out more about our toddler childcare center or for a tour, you can call us at 336-856-9990. Our daycare center is accessible to residents of Greensboro and High Point, NC.