At Milestones, we believe that the foundation of successful child care is a strong relationship between families and staff. We believe open communication of policies and procedures ensures the best possible learning environment for each child.


Milestones provides optional breakfast and lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks. Weekly menus will be provided as requested. In the event your child has special dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform the staff. Bottle-fed children must be sent in with formula or breastmilk already in bottles. All food and bottles must be marked with the child’s full name and the date.


Milestones will communicate clearly all rates, discounts, and fees as applicable. Families will be provided a Tuition and Fee schedule, detailing payment due dates and late fees, as well as the attendance policy. This includes a breakdown of full tuition, half tuition, and allowed vacation days.

Transportation to Area Schools

Milestones offers transportation from Greensboro-area public and private elementary and grade schools designated in our After School Program.

Participating families must sign an annual Transportation Agreement and Vehicle Emergency Form, updating both as necessary due to changes.

Milestones must be notified in advance of any changes to your transportation needs (e.g. if your child will not be transported from an area school one day). Milestones will inform participating families of the deadline for this notification.

Field Trips

When participating in a Field Trip, each child must have on file an up-to-date Vehicle Emergency Form. You can view and complete our online forms here.
While on a Field Trip, children must wear a Milestones t-shirt. Milestones will provide additional identification for each child.

Watch Me Grow Internet Camera Access

Milestones provides parents peace of mind with our Watch Me Grow internet camera access throughout our daycare facility. Via a secure password only, parents may see in real time what is happening inside the classroom. By enrolling in Milestones, parents consent to their child appearing on Watch Me Grow internet cameras and being seen by other families with passwords.
Access your Watch Me Grow Camera here.

Severe Weather, Fire, or Emergency Situations

At Milestones, the safety of the children is our foremost concern. In the event of severe weather, fire, or other emergency situation, staff focus is on protecting the children.

Milestones’ campus is equipped with a fire alarm sprinkler system and fire extinguishers. Every 30 days, fire and severe weather drills are conducted to ensure rapid response.

In the event of an emergency that requires school closure, families will be notified and must arrange for early pick-up.

In the event of school closing due to inclement weather, parents will be informed via social media and the Tadpoles App.

In the event an emergency develops making the building or premises unsafe, children will be taken to a safe location. Families will be notified and must arrange for pick-up as soon as possible.


Milestones prohibits the use of physical punishment or harsh language. In the event a child exhibits inappropriate behavior, contrary to the safe and successful learning environment, staff will redirect the child toward appropriate behavior.


Milestones staff may distribute medication to children as necessary. Prescribed medication must be left with a front desk attendant with a completed medication form signed by the parent or guardian.

All medications must be in the original container labeled with child’s full name, date, dosage, times to be given, date of expiration, and any additional instructions.  
Any over-the-counter medication must be accompanied by a signed and dated note from the child’s doctor including child’s full name, medication name, dosage, times to be given, length of time to be given, and any additional instructions.
Administrative staff will dispense medications, typically at 11:00am and 3:00pm.

Medical Emergency

In the event of illness, injury, or adverse reaction to prescribed medication, Milestones will immediately contact the family or designated emergency contact.

In the event that immediate medical attention is necessary, the child will be transported to our designated medical facility, accompanied by the child’s vehicle and emergency medical permission forms and health information file.

In the event a classroom is affected by communicable disease per the NC Department of Health, families will be notified via a posting on the classroom door within one business day.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

Milestones is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for each child. Toward this effort, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are all prohibited on Milestones campus.

No staff, parent, or visitor may use or possess any of these substances anywhere on campus, during school-sanctioned outings or field trips, or in vehicles used for Milestones transportation.

Tardy Pick-Up

In the event a tardy pick-up is necessary, families are asked to inform staff as soon as possible. If no notification is made and a child is left at Milestones after closing time, staff will attempt to reach the emergency contact. If they cannot be reached, staff will contact the authorities.

After closing time, Milestones will charge a fee of $1 per minute for tardy pick up, with a minimum charge of $10.

Family-School Partnership

Milestones believes that the cornerstone to a successful learning experience is a partnership between staff and families. Families can help support this relationship by:
• Ensuring children are signed in and out daily with the front desk, then escorting them to their classroom
• Completing all forms prior to the first day of school
• Maintaining up-to-date information on all forms to keep up with changes in address, phone, etc.
• Informing staff of any special needs or changes that may affect classroom behavior
• Informing staff if your child is ill, and not bringing an ill child to school
• Informing staff if your child will be absent
• Informing staff if your child will be picked up later than usual
• Ensuring each child has a change of clothes marked with their full name (Milestones cannot be held responsible for lost articles of clothing)
• Ensuring each child is dressed appropriately for play and weather
• Ensuring no outside toys or food are brought into the classroom
• Participating in school activities
• Attending parent-teacher conferences and meetings
• Communicating concerns or asking questions promptly

Dismissal Policy

Milestones works to meet each child’s needs, ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment. Efforts are made to accommodate special needs on an individual basis.

In the event a child’s needs cannot be met, the child cannot adjust to daycare, the child exhibits disruptive behavior, or behavior that poses an unsafe situation, Milestones may require families to find alternate child care.

Milestones also relies on open communication and participation by families. If you, as a parent, fail to complete and return school forms, fail to pay tuition and fees on time, fail to follow local regulations, or otherwise act contrary to the policies laid out by Milestones, it may be necessary to dismiss your child(ren).