Preparing Them for the Future

Pre-K are formative years that help shape how a child reacts and adapts to kindergarten. We prepare them for the next stage in life so they are confident and excited to proceed with the challenges and changes they’ll experience ahead.


Milestones to Prepare for What’s Next

Throughout your child’s development, there will be growth every day. We are tracking their changes in behavior and mobility. We do assessments and look for the following milestones as your child grows through our Pre-K program:

  • Follows classroom rules and routines with occasional teacher help
  • Regulates own behavior with occasional reminders from teacher
  • Uses language for different purposes
  • Uses a wide variety of words to label and describe people, places, things and actions
  • Uses a large speaking vocabulary, adding new words daily
  • Uses complete sentences of four or more words
  • Shows interest in books
  • Can write first name or more
  • Independently writes letters
  • Can rote count 1-30+
  • Recognizes one-digit numbers 0-9+
  • Describes attributes and names of common shapes
  • Recognizes and creates patterns
  • Shows control of coordination and balance
  • Shows control of and strength in small muscles
  • Recognizes many sight words
  • Begins to read simple text
Greensboro pre-k daycare


Kindergarten is a big step in a child’s life. At Milestones, we prepare your child for the new world that awaits them. With our 5-star curriculum, your child will be ready for the transition to elementary school and beyond.

To find out more about our Pre-K program or for a tour, you can call us at 336-856-9990.