Creating Positive Relationships & Experiences

Three year olds can be very expressive through their words as well as actions. We encourage them to express themselves, interacting with friends and family in a respectful way. Our preschool daycare center has small classes which allows the teachers to have more opportunities to connect with each of their students. All our teachers are qualified to teach because they are certified teachers or have obtained early childhood credentials through a certification program. We have a specific program for each age group in our daycare center, which makes it easy for teachers to build activities and lesson plans. Contact Milestones School of Achievement for more information about our preschool daycare center. We look forward to meeting you and your children.

Daycare for 3 Year Olds at Milestones

Milestones to Prepare for What’s Next

Throughout your three-year-old’s development, there will be growth every day. We are tracking their changes in behavior and mobility. We do assessments and look for the following milestones as your child grows through our preschool daycare program:

  • Children follow classroom rules and routines with increasing independence
  • Manage actions, words, and behavior with increasing independence
  • Can hold a pencil and crayon
  • Can draw, color and trace simple lines
  • Can hold positive interactions and relationships with peers and teachers
  • Can identify some letters of the alphabet
  • Can understand simple patterns
  • Can recognize some numbers
  • Can rote count 1-20
  • Continues to work on self-help skills such as potty training and dressing self
Childcare for 3 Year Olds at Milestones

Focusing on Independence

At Milestones, we treat every child like a member of our family, and we love watching our family grow into independent, unique individuals.

We teach your child the skills necessary to interact with their friends and family, while still developing and communicating their individuality.

The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Our Preschool Childcare Center

Kindergarten Adjustments: Children who go from home to kindergarten typically have a harder time adjusting to being away from their parents all day. Going from no school to a kindergarten program is a huge adjustment so be sure to do everything you can to help your child with this transition if they do not attend preschool. Some things that can help are ensuring they get to bed on time and making time to build a routine at home before kindergarten starts. However, sending your child to attend our preschool childcare center will give them the necessary skills and independence to thrive in kindergarten.

Learning to Share: A child can only learn to share by being taught. Learning to share does not have to be something done with other children, it can be done at home between you and your child as well. However, learning to share is a natural skill that children who attend our preschool childcare center will learn through interactions with their peers and guidance from their teachers.

Socialization: Our preschool childcare center is the perfect place for your child to get time to socialize with other children their age daily. Socialization is something that cannot be done at home unless your child has siblings close to their age, but even then, it is not the same. It is ideal for children to learn to socialize in settings other than home, so if your child is being homeschooled or not attending school until kindergarten make sure you get them involved in some extracurricular activities or sports.

Learning to Follow Directions: Preschoolers can follow a sequence of directions, and children need to learn this before kindergarten. The teachers at our preschool childcare center will train your child to follow directions by giving them directions during mealtimes and activity times throughout the day.

To find out more about our Threes preschool program or for a tour, you can call us at 336-856-9990.