A Nurturing & Stimulating Environment

Your infant will be cuddled, soothed and engaged throughout their day at Milestones. Each day offers a brand new experience, and our daycare teachers provide the caring, attentive assistance your infant needs to flourish.


Turning Each Milestone into a Success

Throughout your infant’s development, we are tracking their changes in behavior and mobility. We do assessments and look for the following milestones as your child grows through our Infant program:

  • Shows interest in familiar faces
  • Rolls over
  • Scoots forward and backwards
  • Holds, looks at, touches, throws objects
  • Begins to sit and balance with and without support
  • Pulls up and begins walking
  • Expresses several clear emotions (happiness, sadness, anger)
  • Turns towards adult voices
  • Smiles when spoken to
  • Starting to feed self using hands
  • Playing side by side using the same or similar toy
  • Looks at pictures in a book with teachers
  • Claps and enjoys music and movement

Keeping Parents Informed

So many firsts happen in the first year of development but we make sure you are a part of them too. We offer a wide variety of ways for you to stay in touch so you don’t miss a minute of your child’s development.

  • Daily updates and secure communication via the Tadpoles App including their feeding & napping schedule
  • In-Classroom phones
  • Watch Me Grow Internet Camera access via secure password
  • Visit us any time during your day

To find out more about our Infant program or for a tour, you can call us at 336-856-9990.