Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Daycare

Childcare costs seem to be on the rise, but there are many benefits to enrolling your child in daycare. At Milestones School of Achievement, we have a nursery school, a pre-K program, and after-school care. Here are some benefits of our childcare services:

A community for you and your child – Our daycare center is the perfect place for your child to meet other children their age and for you to connect with other parents. It’s important for your child to meet other adults that they know well and trust. This will help mitigate the first day of kindergarten meltdowns that happen with most children.

Regular routine – We have a daily routine that is followed for toddlers and preschoolers at our daycare center. The routine we have set for each day helps the child because they know what to expect while they are at school. A routine also helps prepare children for kindergarten, which has a daily schedule as well. 

Social-emotional development – The focus of early childhood education is social-emotional development. We create a safe space for children to learn how to regulate and talk through their emotions. We know how important it is for a child to learn to work through their own emotions and recognize the emotions of others. 

Smoother transition to kindergarten – Children who don’t go to preschool will have a harder time going to kindergarten, which is why we highly recommend enrolling your child in our preschool program. Preschool will help your child be prepared for kindergarten because we teach the same curriculum. We do calendar time, counting, reciting the alphabet, and other foundational skills like letter and number recognition. 

Contact Milestones School of Achievement for more information about our childcare services. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our daycare center is accessible to residents in and around the Greensboro, NC area.